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Wilderness courses/Survival course

Join a vinter or summer course. Obtain the important "now how" of what to wear,what to bring and how to survive when eqipment fails and the going gets tough. "He who is prepard will survive."


We can also arrange climbing courses, avalanch courses, rambling courses and alpine trips. Join a trip to one of our magnificent local peaks. We offer guiding and the necessary equipment 1-5 days. Call for further information and a special offer.


He who is prepard will survive.

In a survival situation 50% of a group will run away, 25%will ignore the problems and only 25% will try to survive. In 3 days only 1/4 of them will survive.

Don`t panick, hugg a three.

You can stay alive for 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. But 3 seconds of panick can kill you,

Stay warm, get enough water/ fluidbalance and live of the land.

Take a survival course.

Booking: +47 908 54 484
Katterat Stasjon 8500 Narvik